Nexenta the global leader in Software-Defined Storage, and Wipro, a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company, tight knit relationship offers leading companies around the world the ability to deliver a complete open-source drive software defined enterprise at unprecedented scale. The partnership between the two companies extends to even to each partner leveraging the others service and solutions to deliver best of breed technologies to transform our joint customer's businesses.

Wipro's strategy of Software Defined Everything marks the intersection of computing infrastructure and virtualization, harnessing power of next gen delivery models to intelligently manage and control networking, storage and data center infrastructure using smart bots. A software defined IT infrastructure can be re-purposed on demand; it can instantly re-distribute workloads across systems in order to meet changing demands. In order to bring to customers the huge potential of SDE, Wipro is working on:

-Software defined infrastructure
-Software defined everyday
-Software defined processes
-Software defined systems

As part of the commitment to delivering these solutions to our customers Wipro launched a first of its kind Open Data Center - Centre of Excellence (CoE) with the underlying theme of 'Software Defined Infrastructure' (SDI).

The Centre of Excellence is aimed at transforming client Data Centers leveraging Wipro's Adoption Framework, comprising of Wipro IP assets including accelerators, tools, migration methodologies and infrastructure automation applications. The CoE also draws from Wipro's significant investments in emerging areas such as Open Stack framework. This is part of Wipro's organization wide initiative to build in house SDI and Open Source solutions.