HGST provides enterprise optimization software and a broad portfolio of innovative, high-quality hard disk and solid state drives that store, manage and protect the world’s data.

Recent advances in storage media offer multiple avenues for customization. For example, all-flash storage for performance and hard drives for cost-effective capacity scale. Along these vectors, HGST, a Western Digital brand, offers two platforms designed to optimize the benefits of each media type:

  • HGST2U24FlashPlatform:Designedforperformancedensity,the2U24FlashPlatformsupportsupto184TBofall- flash capacity with 7.68TB SAS SSDs. With up to four enclosures per cluster, that is 737 TB of flash storage in only eight rack units (U).
  • HGST4U60G2:Ontheotherendofthespectrum,HGST,aWesternDigitalbrand,alsooffersanenclosuredesigned for cost-effective capacity density. The 4U60G2 delivers up to 720 TB of capacity with 12TB drives in only 4U. With four enclosures in a cluster, that equates to 2.8PB in only 16U for substantial capacity density.

To ease the adoption of these platforms, in SDS environments, HGST, a Western Digital brand, is offering their leading hardware innovation directly to customers. Previously HGST, a Western Digital brand, technology was available only through OEM solutions or reseller partnerships. This new direct sales model helps HGST, a Western Digital brand, drive down costs and accelerate the pace of innovation delivery.

When combined with Nexenta, these hardware options can be mixed and matched to deliver an optimized infrastructure based on business need. The result delivers an IT storage ecosystem that can consolidate a wide range of workloads, with all-flash for high-performance transactional workloads such as enterprise-class database applications or virtual machine environments, or high capacity for large-scale file serving and content archive.